Hand-Crafted All Natural Body Products

Our goal at Sugar Bee Products is to use the simplest and most natural formulas possible while still effectively nourishing your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed, silky-soft, comfortable, and beautiful!  Sugar Bee Products are handcrafted all-natural body products, designed for those with sensitive skin.  Each product is custom created and hand-poured at the time of order to ensure freshness.  All of our products consist of all-natural, responsibly sourced, high-quality ingredients and NEVER any harsh chemicals, dyes, or preservatives.  

"Sugar Bee Products was born from the passion and desire to have a moisturizing product that would not result in rashes or irritations on my fair-skinned, red-headed child.  Everything I tried on the market failed to soothe their incredibly dry skin, and in fact caused them more skin issues.  So, in 2011, I set out to create a moisturizer in its simplest form, without all the unpronounceable (and mostly harmful) ingredients.  After 5 years of tweaking my Body Butter recipe to perfection, Sugar Bee Products became a licensed LLC, with a line of products lovingly created for everyone to enjoy!"  - Melissa, Owner of Sugar Bee Products

P.S. The name of the company actually has nothing to do with the fact that I use Beeswax.

All products are all natural, with no harsh chemicals or dyes.

All products are custom made to order.

If you want a fragrance that is not currently in stock, just ask and we will get it!

Customizable Gift Sets available!!!

Contact Melissa for ideas and pricing!