Hand-Crafted All Natural Body Products

 "Sugar Bee Products™ was born from the passion and desire to have a moisturizing product that would not result in rashes or irritations on my fair-skinned, red-headed child.  Everything I tried on the market failed to soothe their incredibly dry skin, and in fact caused them more skin issues.  So, in 2011, I set out to create a moisturizer in its simplest form, without all the unpronounceable (and mostly harmful) ingredients.  After 5 years of tweaking my Body Butter recipe to perfection, Sugar Bee Products™ became a licensed LLC, with a line of products lovingly created for everyone to enjoy!  This company is not only my passion, but my brainchild.  All of my recipes have been personally created from a LOT of trial and error, but perfection doesn't always come easy, does it?" 

                                                                                 - Melissa, Owner of Sugar Bee Products™

P.S. The name of the company actually has nothing to do with the fact that I use Beeswax.

All products are all natural, with no harsh chemicals, dyes or preservatives.

All products are custom made to order.

If you want a fragrance that is not currently in stock, just ask and we will get it!

Customizable Gift Sets available!!!

Contact Melissa for ideas and pricing!